Silandro – the heart of Venosta Valley

Welcome to the capital of the Valley. The charming town with its around 6000 inhabitants is located in the middle of the valley, just 28 kilometers away from Meran, and it is also its cultural centre. It is the perfect starting point for you and your family’s activity holiday. With its rural atmosphere and untouched nature it comprises the twin towns Kortsch, Göflan, Sonnenberg, Nördersberg and Vetzan. Enjoy the fascinating combination of breathtaking mountain peaks in the heights and, on the other side, orchards as far as the eye can reach on the lower levels. The origin of the village is said to be in the Neolithic period, and numerous cultural attractions still testify the importance of it.

Just some of the biggest attractions:

  • The church tower of Silandro, landmark of the town
  • The pedestrian area with local shops, cafés and restaurants
  • Churches from various epochs and monasteries in and near Silandro
  • Different castels, like Schlandersburg where you can find a unique library, or in villages near Silandro
  • Museums, such as Avimundus right in town, the Messner Mountain Museum or the Stilfser Joch National Park